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Balance Disorders and Dizziness
«The TRV chair which allows both to diagnose and treat vertigo and balance disorders, is a French invention.»
What is the TRV chair?

The TRV chair is an indispensable tool in the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and balance disorders.
The most common reason for BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo) is the movement of earwax in the inner ear, which prevents it from functioning properly.
Rotational vertigo occurs after changing the position of the head, even when lying down. Patients complain of balance problems while standing and walking.
Generally, this type of pathology is treated with the help of movements that will restore the crystals in their original cavity. However, a check-up is necessary before starting the manipulations to identify exactly the channel where the crystals are.
The TRV chair, a valuable tool for a diagnosis.
After discarding the reasons that may have caused vertigo and disturbances of balance and making sure that it is the canalolithiasis (detached crystals) that are causing the disorder, the doctor will proceed to a more precise diagnosis, that is to say in search of the exact positioning of the crystals.
It should be known that an involuntary movement more precisely a reflex in the eyes accompanies vertigo. This uncontrollable movement is called nystagmus. By observing the nystagmus we will be able to assess the state of functioning of the inner ear and in particular the cavity where the crystals are. For this, the doctor goes through manual movements or reproduce his movements using the TRV chair to deliberately cause vertigo by observing the patient's eyes with specific glasses that will retransmit the image of the eye on a screen allowing the doctor to have good visibility.

The TRV chair provides a powerful treatment.
When the doctor spots where the crystals are, he will use the movements to return the earwax to its original cavity or it will be reintegrated to the organ. The problem faced by health professionals is the relative ineffectiveness of manual movements when the crystals are of a tiny size. However, it should be known that the sensations will be proportional to the size of the crystals, which does not remove the gene even if it will be less important in smaller crystals.
The TRV chair allows more precise and full movements, which optimizes the therapeutic action and reinforces the result.
One of these rare armchairs is in Sarthe, Le Mans, in the doctor's office of Dr. Philippe Lorin, a specialist in vertigo and balance disorders.
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