Balance Disorders and Dizziness


How to treat vertigo and balance disorders?
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The TRV chair
The TRV chair
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Vertigo and balance disorders among young and old people. Causes and treatment
Vertigo and balance disorders among young and old people. Causes and treatment
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The treatment will be prescribed according to the pathology diagnosed by the doctor.
The most common cause of vertigo and instability is related to the dysfunction of the inner ear. It is called benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV).
To understand this pathology, we must know the functioning and composition of our vestibular system.
The vestibular system is located in the inner ear and consists of five cavities: three semicircular canals and two named cavities: the saccule and the utricle. All of these cavities contain a fluid called the endolymph and contribute to the sensation of movement and balance not only among humans but also among most mammals. The displacement of this liquid driven by the movement makes it possible to detect the movement, regardless of the axis of rotation.
Keeping the body in balance is possible thanks to our central nervous system, which centralizes the information sent by the inner ear, eyes, cutaneous, articular and muscular sensors.
Otoconia, otherwise known as earwax, or crystals, is detached from the utricle and migrate by gravity into one of the semicircular canals.
This pathology is called canalolithiasis.

The source of the pathology can be translated by:
- Trauma
- Aging
- Infection
- Ear surgery
Rotary vertigo is strong, brief and sometimes accompanied by nausea.

The treatment.

First of all, the doctor will give his patient several therapeutic recommendations to improve his health. What you should know is that the drug treatment is only symptomatic (reduce nausea and headaches).
However, returning the loose crystals will only be possible through the manipulation and maneuvering of a health professional specializing in this field.
The movement technique will depend on the channel that you are trying to manipulate.
These repetitive maneuvers are very effective especially when it comes to large crystals. Nevertheless, smaller crystals certainly cause lighter symptoms but are more difficult to move because of the lower action of gravity. Therapeutic movements are much less effective, hence they need to use specific equipment such as TRV chair.

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Women are more subject to BPPV than men
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